My copy of John MacArthur’s latest book entitled “Slave” arrived in the mail yesterday.

You may have seen some posts on the blogs and FaceBook about it, usually expressing outrage that MacArthur said there has been a conspiracy and cover-up among Bible translators for literally hundreds of years regarding translation of the Greek word “doulos”. He said that it has been mistranslated in many places in the New Testament as “servant” rather than as “slave”, and that mistranslation impacts the way we understand our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also was saddened to see that he called it a conspiracy and cover-up, as the Bible translators I know are all only interested that they give us the very best translation into English that is humanly possible. I can’t believe there is any conspiracy.

But anyway, since I got the book, I am going to read it carefully and give you a review when I get done with it. We’re gonna get the word right from the horse’s mouth.