It’s only the middle of February, fer cryin’ out loud!

But we’ve had a week of warm weather, that is, above 32 degrees. It has been melting, as you can see:

The piles of snirt are quite a bit smaller than they were last time I took photos out the front door of the shop, and you can actually see the blacktop parking lot now!

(By the way, my daughter coined a new word the other day – snud! Snud is a combination of snow and mud, closely related to snirt.)

Hey, what’s that greenish brown stringy stuff out there next to the pile of snirt? That can’t be grass, can it?

I don’t know how long these views will last. It is only February, and technically March is normally our snowiest month in Minnesota. Tomorrow our temp is supposed to drop back down below freezing, so we probably won’t be seeing much melting for the foreseeable future.

But at least now we can see more than just piles of snow everywhere!