The opportunity presented itself yesterday. We were over at our son’s place for lunch, and he was online looking up a video game our daughter wanted to buy. I said, “Hey, as long as you’re on Amazon, there’s something I’d like to order, too.”

I was actually joking; I wasn’t expecting to order that Bible yet, but my wife said, “Go ahead. It’s your birthday, after all.”

So we looked at my Amazon wish list and my son got it ordered for me. It’s the NIV Bible I was talking about on this post. “ISBN: 0310439221
It’s a large-print, thinline, black-letter, reference Bible, but the cover is bonded leather.”

It’s black bonded leather; I think the edges are silver; at least that’s the way it looks on the packaging they show on Amazon and CBD. Anyway, it’s a pre-order, so I won’t have it for a while. But be sure that when it arrives I’ll let you all know!