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Lately I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend, and I think it’s a sign that I’m getting old. Did you know that it won’t be long and the printed paper leather-covered Bible will go the way of the buggy-whip industry?

I love the feel and smell of genuine leather in my hands, and I love using a printed paper Bible in my study and reading/devotional time. But the electronic devices are creeping in — e-readers and ipods. I understand that even the PC laptop and netbook is on the way out. Personally I would love to have a netbook handy for Bible study so I would have various and sundry translations available for comparison purposes. But even that is fading fast.

In a way, I wouldn’t mind having an e-reader of some sort with a number of translations and commentaries on it … but I’d have to have a leather cover on it!

I can see myself in a few years from now, sitting in a church pew … er, ah, chair (pews are on the way out, too!) with my leather-covered Bible and grumbling about those young whippersnappers with their ipods (or whatever new device they come up with next!)

Man, the world is passing me by!