I was walking around the mall this morning before work, and was kind-of listening to the music that they play over the speakers in the mall hallways, and I suddenly realized that I was listening to the Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

And it occurred to me that I remember hearing someone say back in the early seventies that someday the popular music of that time would be the “Muzak” we would hear in the elevators and grocery stores and shopping malls.

The thought struck me as silly back then. After all, “Muzak” was Mantovani and Lawrence Welk … not the Beatles!

But it’s true, and it has been true for quite a few years now. It just never really hit me until this morning. The “oldies” I like to listen to have become very mainstream, easy-listening as we used to call it, and even soothing compared to what is popular today. In fact, much newer music than the Beatles has been considered mainstream and “Muzak” for quite a while now (much to my chagrin.)

But what a strange thought: The Beatles are now Muzak!