I know I shouldn’t complain after seeing what we have seen in Japan over this past weekend. What a terrible event, yet what a great opportunity to help our friends across the Pacific. May the Lord have mercy and blessings on the Japanese people and the heroic rescue teams and others who have gone to help.

Even so…I had a rough weekend, physically. I expected it after having a chiropractic treatment Friday afternoon. I now understand better why I have been feeling so rough, when I discovered how much stretching that “disc table” does to the muscles in my lower back and hips and legs. The doctor was pleased at my progress. He says I’ve come a long ways in the last two weeks. I know it. I can tell the difference.

The problem comes a day or two later, when those muscles are so-o-o-o sore! I went over to the mall Saturday morning to do my usual walking, and it hurt the whole time. That’s something I’m not familiar with. Normally I get everything stretched out and get to feeling better after walking a bit, but not this Saturday. It hurt.

Sunday we got up and went to church, and I could tell things might have been a little bit better, but I was still in a lot of pain, and I didn’t appreciate having to stand up to sing and sit down to read and stand up to sing and sit down to do whatever else…

…It turned into a rather miserable, painful weekend. And I didn’t get any relief by going to bed either; the pain in my hips just increased and never went away all night.

Well, I knew it could be like this. When you make such a great change in your body as this particular chiropractic treatment does, you’re going to hurt, plain and simple.

But this morning when I dragged myself out of bed in the darkness, and I hurt, I just soldiered on. I have noticed the changes, and I was pretty sure things would improve. I drove over to the mall and started walking around, and in ten or fifteen minutes I could tell things were getting stretched out, and I was feeling quite a bit better. And while the day has not been without its painful moments, I’m still doing considerably better. I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My pains are so small compared to the disasters that are occurring in the various and sundry places around the world, but they’re real to me, and they affect not only me, but my family and those I work with as well. It will get better, I am sure. While at the time I have to deal with it it can be very painful and depressing, I am learning that there is always hope. This too will pass. The dark of night is always followed by the brightness of the day, and the cold of winter by the warmth of spring.