At the mall where I walk every morning they have been having a boat show through the winter, at least the last two and a half months anyway. The company showing the boats has apparently found it to be a profitable practice, as they’ve been there every winter for the past ten years or more. I’m sure it gets a lot of people in the spring mood, and it does that even to some of us walkers.

But it gets old. They bring in all these pontoon boats, as well as a few regular-hull boats, and fill up the halls. At least they leave a few feet on either side of the boats so we can walk through there, but it gives the mall quite a “closed-in” feeling for a while. You can’t see over the pontoon boats very well, so you don’t know which of your walking friends are over on the other side. About all you can see are the tops of their heads.

Well, yesterday when I walked the mall before work, I noticed they had all the boats covered and ready to move, and this morning when I got there they were all gone! It was a very freeing feeling to walk around the mall this morning. I intentionally walked way out through the center of the hallways, and I’d wave at my fellow walkers and explain that I was walking way out there…”because I can!” Why, it even echoes in the mall now, with all that open space! And you can see other walkers way across the mall now; you can actually see who is there!

Of course, this is happening now as the weather warms up and more and more walkers think about walking outside. I find I usually prefer to walk in the mall, because I don’t enjoy walking in cool, windy conditions, and I find it’s easier to keep track of my laps and miles walked when I do it on a set course. But that’s just me.

Anyway, for a few weeks we’ll all be able to see each other as we walk around the mall, until people start their warm-weather walking programs and walk outside.