My good friend and fellow Minnesotan Dan Thompson over at Apprentice2Jesus was mentioning how tired he is today, and putting much of the blame on last Sunday’s change to daylight savings time.

The fact is, that change does make a difference. I was actually feeling pretty good Sunday, because I normally get up Sunday mornings about an hour later than I do during the work week, so losing the hour didn’t make too much difference that day. But it hit me Monday morning, because to my body I was now getting up at 4:30 am instead of 5:30. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how people do it who regularly fly all over the world. I couldn’t do it. I’d be groggy and fatigued all the time!

Of course, on top of it all has been my lack of sleep caused by the pain in my hips and legs with this bulging disc in my back. While it has improved, I still am awakened once in a while during the night by the pain, and last night wasn’t a good one.

I turned off the light and went to sleep right away, because I was very tired. I don’t usually have a problem getting to sleep. The problem comes in staying asleep! I was soon awakened by the pain in my hips, and I tossed and turned, trying to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, I thought it was time to get up, and I was very happy that the night had come to an end, because I had had enough of the pain and was ready for my day. Then I looked at my bedside clock… it was only an hour after I turned off the light. I had only lain there trying to sleep for one, single, stupid hour.

In about a half hour I decided the pain wasn’t going to give up easily, so I got up and trundled out to the living room and got into my favorite recliner. I was finally able to shake the pain in my hips and get to sleep again, but the recliner is not the best place to sleep all night. My fingers started to tingle and my shoulder ached, so after two hours in the recliner it was time to shuffle off to the bedroom again.

For whatever reason, the pain rarely bothers me all night long, and that was true last night as well. When I got back in my bed I was able to sleep, though rather fitfully, until my real time to wake up came along. I was glad to be up, finally. I know that sounds strange to most of us, who usually would rather stay in bed and sleep, but when you can’t sleep very well, you’d just as soon be up and not dealing with the pain so much.

I have another appointment with my chiropractor late this afternoon, and hopefully it will finally make the difference that I’m waiting for, and maybe I won’t have a painful weekend…finally. That would be good. I need the rest, and I have to get my taxes done this weekend, I hope. I know, they’re not really due yet, but I’ve been wanting to do them for several weeks now, and have been either too tired or in too much pain. So maybe I can get them done tomorrow.

It occurs to me that I have spent an awful lot of time blogging about my pain level and lack of sleep lately. I apologize, it can’t be too interesting for my readers. I do have a new 2011 NIV due to arrive sometime in the next couple weeks, and who knows what else will be happening, so maybe I will find something much more interesting to write about really soon!