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It appears that the Minnesota River here in Mankato and North Mankato is not going to come close to flooding this time around. Actually, if it weren’t for the floodwall that the Army Corps of Engineers built back in the 70s, we would be seeing some serious flooding, but thanks to those fine people back then who wanted to put an end to flooding in Mankato/North Mankato, we have come close a few times, but since I have lived here there has never been any serious flooding of the Minnesota River within the city limits.

At the present time the river stands at just over 23 feet deep, a foot over “official” flood stage and three feet short of its predicted crest.

The highest recorded flood stage in Mankato was 30.1 feet, and that’s still 7 feet below the top of the floodwall. So we would have to see a very dramatic rise in the flood waters to see serious flooding here.

Now outside of the city limits is another thing altogether! I’d hate to be living in the valley beyond the end of the floodwall!