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Over the past couple years I have chided our friends at Zondervan after receiving a TNIV Reference Bible — you know, the single-column one — because it was quite a large Bible, yet they couldn’t make the font any bigger than they did. I complained that my NASB personal-size (8X5) Giant Print Reference Bible, also from Zondervan but considerably smaller, was much easier to read.

I figured Zondervan ignored my posts, if they ever even saw them. I still don’t have any idea if they ever did, but this new NIV Thinline Large Print Reference Bible makes me wonder. The font is far larger, clearer, and easier to read than the TNIV. And not only the text, but the cross-references and text notes are also easy to read, just like they were on my old NASB! And this in a smaller Bible than the TNIV! (Of course, except for the thinner pages it’s really the same size, but it just proves that Zondervan can do it after all!)

Now if we can just get them to quit making red-letter Bibles! 😉