For some of you, (Nathan in particular) this is your first look at the thinline, large-print NIV 2011. These pics were taken with my cell phone camera, at work, so I apologize for the rather poor quality.

It’s brand new bonded leather, so it’s very stiff, as you can see by how the cover stands up. Also as you can see, it’s black with silver gilding on the page edges, something Zondervan seems to really like these days.

The silver lettering on the spine is nice and clean, and quite understated. My TNIV XL thinline had the lettering going the long way instead of across, and it’s not nearly as clear and crisp as this new one.

The font is surprisingly large and clear. I’m used to “large-print” Bibles with what appears to be about 9-9.5 pt. fonts; this is said to be 10.5 and is nice and large, and easy to read. (As you can see in this photo from Luke, it’s black-letter, very nice!)

Here you get a good idea of the layout. I find not only is the text easy to read, but also all the cross-references in the center column and the text notes at the bottom of the page are also clear and easily read.

Each book starts on a new page, and under the title there is a short (very short) introduction to that book. (I think I’d rather have a more complete intro. But that’s a pretty minor thing on a Bible like this.)

The pages seem very thin, about as thin as any I’ve ever used. As you can see by these pictures there is some ghosting of the text from the other side of the paper, but in my opinion it’s not enough to cause a problem, for my eyes anyway.

The silver gilding had glued the pages tightly together when I first got the Bible yesterday, which made it seem stiffer than it actually is. After spending a couple hours last night separating all the pages, I find it is much less stiff and the pages “flow” smoothly over each other. The cover is still very stiff, of course, but that will loosen up over time as I use it.

Anyway, there’s your first look, Nathan! 😉 (And once again, I apologize for the quality of the pics.)