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I hate to say it. I hate to accuse my fellow believers of such a thing. But you know, it happens, and in many different areas of theology and practice as well.

I am saddened by the arrogance shown by so many of those who hold to an amillennial position, and those who hold a postmillennial position, and those who hold a premillennial, mid-tribulational or post-tribulational position, particularly in describing and/or relating to those of us who are pre-mill, pre-trib. They look down their noses at us. They think we’re stupid, that we can’t possibly hold to such a foolish position, and they tell us right up front.

People, it’s unbecoming of Christians.

What does it really matter? Do you believe that we are saved by the grace of God alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone? So do we.

We’re not all escapists. We’re not all “Left Behind” fans. It hurts to read those things.

I can find lots of information from some of the great Bible scholars of today that supports the pre-mil/pre-trib position, much of it very convincing. We could have a great big argument here on my blog…

…but I’m not going to.

We don’t need that.

As the Apostle John would tell us, brothers and sisters, love one another. Don’t look down upon each other and speak cruelly to one another. If you think someone is foolish, or weak, because they hold to a position different from yours, just keep it to yourself. Don’t cause dissension among the people who are in Christ. We all know that however the final days of this age happen, what is important is that Jesus Christ is the victor, and we need to be in Him and about His work, proclaiming the good news to all who will hear.