My wife and I were sitting in a nice restaurant a few days ago, nearly finished with our meal and drinking some fine coffee, when a young couple, probably in their late 20s came in with their two small children and sat across the aisle from us. The waitress asked if they would like something to drink right away, and they ordered the usual little kids drinks for their two children; he had a tall glass of Coke, and she ordered a tall glass of…chocolate milk?

It surprised me. It just seemed to me that chocolate milk is a kids drink. It shows what generation I’m from, I guess. When I was a kid, chocolate milk was a treat. We had it occasionally, kind of like a tall, frosty mug of A&W Root Beer from the root beer stand, or an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. With their meal, adults were seen to drink milk, water, tea, or coffee. Soda pop was also an occasional thing.

Today I think nothing of ordering a Coke with my meal. As far as that goes, I think nothing of ordering a meal at a “fast food” restaurant, unless I’m a little short on cash. (No, I don’t use plastic.) When I was a kid, people simply didn’t “eat out” except for special occasions.

I guess times really have changed.