I knew I was making them. But some of us are either so dumb or so stubborn that we push right on ahead and make them even when we know we shouldn’t.

After our little trip to Minneapolis Friday evening, I was quite aware that I had done some things that I would pay for later. And in fact I have paid for them, by being physically sore and tired on Saturday, and even sorer Sunday. Fortunately much of the soreness has left my body now on Monday, but it still made for a miserable weekend.

I did a smart thing on Friday by asking my son to drive. That took a lot of mental pressure off of me, as well as some physical discomfort that would have been brought about by driving that far with my physical condition. But then, when we got to the Mall of America, I had options to consider. We had to get from the level we had parked on down to the lower level where we would board a light rail passenger train for our trip to downtown Minneapolis and Target Field. We could walk through the parking ramp and find an elevator, or we could walk down a couple flights of stairs. I realize now that the elevators weren’t as far away as I thought when we were there…but we took the stairs.

Rode the train to the ballpark. Comfortable; I could stretch out my legs: smart move. Got to the ballpark, got off the train and walked up and down and around the outside of the stadium to our gate, probably faster than I should have — bad move.

We got in the gate and looked for the way up to our seats and found…two of the longest, highest escalators I have ever seen! Rode them up to the top. Smart move! Walked from there, probably faster than I should have, to find our seating section. Realized it was probably some fifty steps to climb up to our seats — OUCH! Climbing steps still gives me a lot of pain, immediately and for days afterward.

Decided to go down from our seats because we were cold and wet. Fifty steps down, better than going up, but still not nice.

Game called on account of rain. Time to leave the ballpark. So I go looking for either an elevator or an escalator, right? Well, I looked; I had my eyes open, but apparently we headed the wrong direction, and i didn’t see either. Instead of heading back the other way or…shudder!…asking somebody, I said, “Let’s go down the stairs. It’s easier going down than going up!”

Mistake. Turns out it was ten or twelve flights of stairs to go down to reach the main concourse. I realize now that was probably the worst thing I did the whole trip. It caused me some very real, nasty pain in my right side Saturday evening and yesterday, to say nothing about the nasty aching in my legs most of the day yesterday.

Got on the train, and it was a bit more crowded than the first time. Couldn’t stretch out, and my legs got sore. Got off the train at the Megamall, and discovered I had to climb back up those flights of stairs to get to the car. Painful.

Were those mistakes? Since I was trying to avoid pain, I would say they were. Did they actually set me back in my quest for healing of my lower back and legs? I have my doubts about that. It seems to me that with the disc back in place, it’s more important to keep moving and active, and while I become sore, it probably strengthens my lower back and legs much more than it hurts them.

But it still hurts, and I don’t like that, as you can probably imagine.