That’s a new poll question that is up at our local newspaper website. “Does it matter to you that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot and killed by US Special Forces?”

People are thinking about these things now, several days after the fact. We are finding out now about some of these things, and people are looking for answers, and others of us are more confident that we know what we think. But there does seem to be a bit of an ethical question in this.

I ask, is there any doubt that he was behind the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the airplane hijacking that went down in the fields of Pennsylvania en route to the White House? Is there any doubt that he was behind an earlier attempt on the WTC back in the 90s? It even seems to me I remember his name tied to a terrorist attack way back in the 1970s on the Israeli Olympic Team, though I could be wrong about that one.

Did bin Laden ever show mercy to his victims? Did he show mercy to the 3000 people who were shredded and vaporized on that fateful day back in September 2001?

No. The man was evil. He sowed division and hatred among people of the earth for his own purposes. He deserved death. He lived by the sword and he died by the sword.

When those Navy Seals came upon him in that compound last Sunday, it turns out he had two weapons close at hand, one of them an AK-47. Supposedly he was reaching for one of them in order to defend himself and possibly escape. But his time was up. He was shot in the chest and in the head. He was dead very quickly.

I say who cares if he was armed or not. After what he did, what he lived for, he deserved those bullets. Justice was done. He didn’t need a trial. He was actually treated very well, in a way. He didn’t have to suffer. And then they buried him at sea in a respectful burial. The man deserved to be thrown out into the street to be eaten by dogs.

Joy? Dancing in the streets? No, I’m not doing any of that. I’m saddened by all the harm he caused and all the hatred he sowed. But justice has been done.