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My fellow Metho-blogger John Munier has written a piece that suggests that United Methodists are little different from atheists when it comes to matters of sexuality. Read the whole article and comments at this link.

The idea, as I understand it, is that United Methodists ignore what the Holy Scriptures say regarding adultery, fornication, homosexuality, even marriage and divorce. OK, maybe ignore is the wrong word. We are biblically illiterate, at least the laity is for the most part. But more, we are untaught by the clergy; the clergy themselves do not agree with each other on the subject; and few are even aware of the written standards of the church regarding this. Those who are aware of what the Book of Discipline says often are simply unwilling to abide by it, and those who know what the Bible says are also often unwilling, rejecting the Bible as a stuffy old book of fairy tales, totally irrelevant to our lives today.

Perhaps we tend to be worse than atheists; atheists tend to know what they don’t believe in. Most United Methodists have little understanding of what we should believe.