Well, we have a rainy day here in south central Minnesota, and not much to do on the work side of things, so I’m sitting here at the computer. But the phone is ringing so I wouldn’t be surprised if something more gets added on to our work schedule here inside the shop.

Thinking about changing my blog theme again. There’s a nice dark theme, gray and black with orange accents, and white text that appears to contrast very well so it should be quite easy to read. But I’m fairly satisfied with this current theme, too. I’ll contemplate it for a while. Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t.

I’m really enjoying my time with the new 1977 NASB, so much so that I’ve decided to hold of on getting a new NKJV. I was thinking about the two translations this morning, and it seems to me I can compare them to food: the NKJV is like a rich, creamy comfort food of some sort, perhaps a bit bland but it makes you feel good. The 77 NASB is more spicy and interesting, a creamy sauce with peppers that is delicious and a bit surprising. I think I want both, but I will make do with the spicy one for now.

Lots of bugs going around these days. My wife is home sick in bed; my co-worker’s wife and daughter are sick; my boss is sick; lots of kids are home from school because they’re sick. I think a lot of people will be avoiding other people for a while so they don’t catch what the others have.

It’s November in Minnesota again — cool, working its way towards winter. Most of the leaves are off the trees now, in fact, most of them are raked up and gone. I can’t complain though, since we’re still getting daytime high temps in the upper 40s and 50s, and the nighttime lows are dipping to freezing and below at times; although last night we only got down to about 45 or so. That’s not bad at all.

Gmail is changing over to a new look. Eventually everybody on gmail will be using it; I changed mine over on my own this morning. It’s quite attractive, but it will take a little learning because they’re going to symbols on the buttons instead of words. At least they put the words up there when you hover over the buttons, so it makes it a lot easier to figure out what everything does.

I suppose that’s about enough for now.