…back when I was a kid… that would make it the 50s and 60s, that on holidays everybody would be closed.

All the businesses in town would be closed for holidays, like our upcoming Thanksgiving Day, except perhaps one gas station in town, in case travelers needed gas or some mechanical service. It seems to me later on, perhaps in the 70s, maybe one grocery store in town would also be open in case somebody needed something.

Now that, in our “Norman Rockwell” world back then was a holiday, a real holiday.

It was a far cry from today’s America, where nearly every retail business is open on holidays, especially the “big box” stores like WalMart, Sears, and Target, and all the grocery stores are open, and everybody is getting ready for the so-called “Black Friday” sales the next morning.

I guess that’s all well and good. But for me, I often find myself longing for those days when virtually everybody was off work for the day, and everybody spent that day with their families.

I know it’s not realistic, but I had to say it. The world has changed.