Black Friday — so they call it. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, and is considered the “official” kick-off for the Christmas shopping season. There are incredible sales on Black Friday, as well as incredible store hours.

I’ve been out there in the wee hours of the morning, trying to get a fantastic bargain. My wife and I were at Walmart several years ago at something like 5:00 am, waiting on a frigid cold morning for the doors to open, then rushing in, pushing and shoving, trying to get one of a very few of whatever product we were wanting to buy that particular year. I hated it. I swore off, that I would never go out early on Black Friday again, and I haven’t. (Though I have been shopping on Black Friday since then, just not during the early morning crush of shoppers.)

You may have noticed a movement this year that apparently is going by different names; the one I’ve seen being something like “Don’t buy a thing Friday”. The idea is to protest against the excesses of Black Friday shopping. That in itself may seem to be a noble idea. But it appears that this protest is tied in with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, and it’s against consumerism and capitalism.

That’s why I have had to back off and try to clarify my own feelings on this. I am certainly NOT against capitalism! I think American consumers need to get out and buy, buy, buy!

What I am objecting to, however, is the fact that Black Friday is now encroaching on our Thanksgiving holiday. It’s fine to have Black Friday, although I would rather not participate. But we need to have Thanksgiving, too. They really don’t need to open the stores at midnight just for people to get the best bargains. They can open at 9:00 am and still give the consumers those same bargains. Black Friday is now starting at midnight, and in some cases hours earlier. Some stores around here are starting their Black Friday sales on Thursday afternoon! The Thanksgiving meal is barely done and the dishes aren’t even washed yet, and already they want us to go shopping!

Let us have our Thanksgiving in peace; a full, relaxing day with good food, surrounded by family, and plenty of football to watch if that’s your thing. And let Black Friday be on Friday.