It seems I don’t do this too much any more though.

I spend way too much time on Facebook, but it’s a social network. It’s where I keep in touch with friends and news. But I still don’t enjoy it very much. I still find reading the blogs to be more enjoyable.

You may have noticed I changed my blog theme once again. It’s been a while since I did that, too. I guess I was just getting tired of the old one. Figures. It doesn’t take me long to get tired of themes. I’m still tending to choose from the newest ones, but I go back and look through the old ones once in a while and see if there’s anything I still like. I think the old INove theme is still one of the cream of the crop. It was really popular a couple years ago, then people drifted away from it as new themes came along, but it’s still a really sharp-looking one. I almost switched to that, before I decided I wanted this one. The problem with INove was that it wasn’t an easy one to customize; you just had to take it the way they gave it to you. This new theme is much easier to customize; in this case all I have really done with it is change the background.

I’ve spent a little time at Blogger looking at their themes and building a blog, and experimenting with it. But it’s deceptive. They make it easy to create a nice-looking blog, but in fact they really aren’t any easier to customize than WP is. They still keep a lot of control over what your blog looks like. In fact I have found I can make my blog here at WordPress look the way I want it to look easier than I can at Blogger.

Anyway. I’m still here, writing occasionally when I think of something to write and feeling guilty when I don’t.

Maybe I’ll have to write something about baseball one of these days.