You’re probably asking.

Well, if there’s one thing that bothers me about WordPress, it’s that you can’t control the size and darkness of your blog text. You pretty much have to take what comes with the theme, unless you’re much more tech-savvy than I am, or just happen to be using a theme that allows it (of which I haven’t found any).

I had a comment a few days ago that the reader liked my blog theme and the way I had it set up, but was having a hard time with the smaller font in that theme. I myself also have lots of trouble with smaller fonts, as well as gray text, or at least a lack of contrast between the text and the background. I really don’t understand why so many blog themes use a gray text. Some of them are almost impossible to read!

So anyway, I have now embarked on a quest (hey, that sounds kinda neat!) to find a blog theme which has a large enough and dark enough text font, and still has the clean, professional look that I want. That means this theme I am using right now may change very soon.

And that’s what I’m doing here!