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Yeah, I know, I haven’t written here for a long time. Mea culpa, mea culpa! I looked at this blog last night and realized that I haven’t written anything here since just after our new pastor came, and he’s been here almost two months!

I’ve been spending a lot of time, way too much time in fact, on Facebook. Facebook just kind of lures you in. There’s always something new and interesting, if short and quick. And I finally am able to understand how so many people get most of their news from Facebook. It’s really pretty easy to do, and it just creeps up on you until pretty soon you aren’t looking at any other news sources hardly at all.

Well, I’m not giving up Facebook. It really is a valuable tool if you use it right. But I need to get back to blogging more. As I said in an email message this morning, ” I should get back to blogging; that’s where I have to discipline my mind to write out coherent, complete sentences which communicate actual thoughts!”

Having said that, I guess it’s time for a quick update on a couple things.

First, our new pastor has recommended that I look at the new Bible translation called “The Voice”. So I looked at Nelson’s website and found a free download of The Voice New Testament. I did that, and have been reading it often and intensely. I am starting to form a solid opinion of this new translation, and will soon write a blog post about it. And, if you can imagine, I have found that while it’s a good translation, “it isn’t perfect”!

Secondly, I have continued to use the NKJV frequently, trying to become much more familiar with this “old-new” translation. I call it that because it is certainly among the oldest of the translations in common usage today, with a copyright date of 1982. I think that because of its name and age, people tend to discount this version. They pass by it and look for the newer ones, like the NIV, NLT, and ESV. But in extensive use I am finding that it is not full of archaic words and phrases, and even the word order problems we see so often in formal translations are almost nonexistent in the NKJV. I have been amazed to discover it usually reads much more smoothly than the ESV! (not that the ESV is a particularly smooth-reading translation!) The vocabulary used is certainly not a sixth-grade vocabulary. It’s more of what I would call a “secondary vocabulary” translation. They weren’t afraid to use theological words like “expiation”. Theological concepts are not usually explained, as they often are in the newest and simplest translations. On the other hand, it makes for a nice, concise translation. And while this feeling is odd, I have to honestly say that I recommend the NKJV to anyone looking for a good, formal (word-for-word) translation.