It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s only a couple hours until the end of 2012. People like to make resolutions for the new year. They like to make promises to themselves about changes they want to make in their lives during the coming year. Often these resolutions are gone and forgotten within weeks, if not days, of the new year.

Well, this is my resolution: I resolve to blog more in the coming year.

I don’t know how well I will keep this resolution, but if I set my mind to it, it shouldn’t be too hard. The hardest part will be spending less time on Facebook in order to spend more time blogging. Facebook is easy. All I really have to do, in many cases, is just react. Post a quick response to something someone has written or posted. And I can post links to things that someone else has written, and accept the accolades for finding something that is good reading. It’s a cheap way of communicating.

Now some people make really good use of Facebook. Tim Challies, for instance. And my dear friend Drew. He posts wonderful prayers, as well as lots of fun things, but he seems to be making a prayer ministry out of Facebook. I don’t imagine Mr. Zuckerberg or whatever his name is ever conceived his invention as having such a purpose. I guess I do all right on Facebook, too, but it’s a tool that has its place. And that is also true of blogging. In recent years I have spent lots of time on Facebook, and have increasingly neglected my blogs. But where Facebook is cheap and easy, blogging is more difficult, but maybe more rewarding. You see, writing a blog requires more of a writer. One must engage one’s mind more productively and more completely, in order to communicate concepts and get ideas across to the readers. It is a better exercise for the mind, and as such it is a better activity for me to pursue.

I have also become concerned in recent days that there are forces at work in Facebook that desire to censor and control what appears on that site. In other words, if you write something that isn’t politically correct, you may find yourself thrown out the door onto your ear. Well, I am nothing if not politically incorrect. I see this political correctness as something that is at the heart of what is working to destroy our freedoms and our country, and I don’t want to be a part of that. And I fear that if I continue to post things that are seen by the politically correctness police as being subversive to their agenda, I will no longer be allowed to participate in Facebook discussions.

So that is another reason I want to resume writing here at my blog. I hope that what I write here may be safer from the censors; not that I plan on writing things that will be considered subversive. But I do have a temper, and it can get away from me at times, and I do sometimes say things that I later regret.

So, is WordPress a safer place to write? I don’t honestly know. I guess we’ll just see what happens as I resume my writing here. I’m hoping WordPress has a healthier respect for the freedom of the press.

At any rate, it is my will and desire to write more here than I have in the past year or two. And besides, maybe what I write here will get past the censors at Facebook now and then.