First day of the new year, first blog post of the new year. Not bad.

Awakened this morning to a temperature reading of -9 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a cold slap in the face, isn’t it? Fortunately our winds are calm, so there’s no wind chill. Even so, the dog didn’t spend much time outside this morning.

As I looked over this blog the last few days, I’ve realized there are a few things I need to update. Most of those updates will be to the “My Bible Preferences” page. I have an article there by Mark Strauss called “Negative reaction to TNIV is unwarranted — and unfounded”. Since the article was written, the TNIV has ceased to be published, having been replaced, as has the 1984 NIV, by the latest 2011 NIV. The furor over the TNIV is gone, and even the early complaints about the new 2011 NIV have faded. The ESV people are no longer on the attack, and peace seems to have come to the land of Bible translation. (Except for the “KJV ONLY” people, who are still like chimps with machine guns, rapidly and randomly shooting in all directions at every other translation that comes along.) So I expect I will be mothballing the Strauss article.

And of course, I will have to update the “My Bible Preferences” page itself, as my own Bible study and thinking continues to change. I still see the value in dynamic equivalence translations, the “thought-for-thought” easy-reading versions of the Bible. I still recommend “mediating” translations and use them myself. However, I find myself more and more enjoying the formal “word-for-word” translations. You may be surprised by the ones I’m using and enjoying the most.

I have changed blog theme’s once again. This one wasn’t my first choice, but it was my second choice. The first choice was even better looking (heh-heh, why else would I prefer it over this one?) but it didn’t give me the ability to use the widgets I want to have on here, at least not as easily as I thought it should, so I abandoned it and found this one. I like the red post titles and how they stand off from the black text. I may experiment with the black blog title as well. I also like the dark text which is actually large enough for me to read without getting out a magnifying glass.

The header picture is one I found online, taken in the Mississippi River valley over near Wabasha, Minnesota. It’s an area I enjoyed driving through when we lived in Rochester, MN back in the 1980s. I can talk about how nature glorifies God, and that’s certainly true. But I like the picture because it makes me feel good. And there’s really nothing wrong with that, is there?

The biggest change — that I’ll actually be writing here regularly!