Supper was done, the delicious aroma of spaghetti and garlic bread still wafted through the house. I was sitting in my recliner, Bible in my lap (I had been doing some reading.) An old episode of The Waltons was playing on TV. I leaned back in my recliner and closed my eyes…and just drifted off. It felt so good!

Suddenly I was jolted back to consciousness. There had been a noise, a high pitched “bip”. What was that?

Through the fog of my mind I realized it had sounded like the smoke/CO detector, that little “bip” you hear when the battery starts getting low. I didn’t hear any more, so I concluded it must have been a fluke.

I was tired, so after a while I decided to head for bed a bit early. I made up the coffee pot for morning, shut down the computer, and toddled off to the comfort of my wonderful bed. I slumbered…


What? I looked at the clock. It was 10:40. I had been sleeping for probably two hours. I thought, “How can that be? It’s hardly more than two months since those smoke/CO detectors were installed. The battery should last more than two months!” I lay there for a bit, expecting more beeps, but they didn’t come. So I decided to go back to sleep, thinking maybe it would go another eight to twelve hours before it beeped again.

Silly me.

1:30 in the morning…BEEP! LOW BATTERY!

Don’t tell me this thing is going to beep every two hours all night! How am I supposed to get any sleep if it keeps waking me up???


OK, that’s it. It is obvious now that I must…I must…get up and do something about this … THING!

So I get up and go out to the kitchen and drag a chair from the dining room table into the hall where the #$%&@ thing is. It seemed the most intelligent thing to do, because it would have been much more work to dig one of the ladders out from behind the stuff in the spare bedroom and use it to climb up to the detector. I used the chair. I got up there; I could see that you twist it one way or the other to get it off the ceiling. I twisted it…wrong way. I twisted it the other way and off it came. It’s wired in, but it has a back-up battery. I look for the battery case, and there it is. But it has a cover over it that’s attached to the wire plug, so I have to unplug the wire in order to remove the battery. So, I unplug it.

It’s really easy to unplug, but at 2:15 in the morning when you’re sleepy and crabby it seems to be a much bigger job than it really is.

OK, cool. I’ll just take it into the kitchen and lay it on the table until morning.


Oh, I guess it might be smart to remove the battery, or it will sit there and bip the rest of the night.

After a short struggle (as I said, 2:15 in the morning…) I got the cover off and pulled the battery, and laid them both on the table, and went back to bed, hoping that the identical smoke/CO detector that had been installed at the same time near our daughter’s bedroom in the basement wouldn’t start doing the same thing on the same night. (It didn’t.)

I got up this morning and looked at the battery … same brand as the detector, says “Made in Malaysia”. OK, I don’t know, maybe a lot of batteries are made in Malaysia. Whatever. Today sometime I will go to the store and buy a pair of Duracell or Eveready batteries (They’re made in USA, aren’t they?) and replace BOTH OF THEM tonight when I get home. And hopefully they will last more than two months!