It has been asked of me recently what I think about the translation called “The Voice”. Well, I think a couple years ago I mentioned my first impressions of “The Voice” within a post in which I quickly reviewed a number of different translations, and to be honest, “The Voice” didn’t come out too strongly by comparison with some other better-known translations.

But that was just my first impression. And I let it go at that.

Now it seems to me that it just may be time for me to go ahead and do a full-on actual review of “The Voice”. And I plan on doing that, when conditions are right. What are the right conditions? Well, first of all I have to be really and truly familiar with the translation, and that means I have to USE it! I have to actually read it! Back in the “olden days” that would have caused a problem, because I don’t own an actual “leather and paper” copy of “The Voice”. And the fact is that I do prefer that kind of Bible, one that I can hold in my hands and feel and smell the leather (or the non-leather as the case may be.) But at this time I don’t own “The Voice” in that format, but I do have a downloaded New Testament they put out a couple years ago when “The Voice” was a brand new baby translation. I also have Bible Gateway, which has the entire “The Voice” Bible, and also is formatted so that I can compare the translation directly with a great many other English translations. So until I actually purchase a “hard copy” “The Voice” Bible, I will be using “The Voice” on my computer.

…and who knows, maybe I won’t actually buy a hard copy.

At any rate, don’t hold your breath, but Lord willing, I will eventually write a review of “The Voice”.

(I can tell you one thing already — I wish they’d change the name.)