Hello world! I was taking a look at the blog a little while ago, and one of the first things I noticed was that the first post right at the top was dated Jan. 1, 2016. How can it be that I haven’t written anything here in a YEAR?

My, my. Time really flies when you’re having fun!

That previous post is still right here, and if you want to read it you’ll see it’s my first impressions of my most recent Bible purchase. I’m just amazed that I’ve had that Bible for a year now. It seemed to me that I probably bought it this past summer, but obviously my old brain is a little less than perfect.

I can see there are numerous things that I could update here on the blog, things like my Bible preferences. I considered changing my theme, but after perusing the themes that are available I decided it’s going to be pretty hard to find one I like better that this good ol’ Chateau theme.

Anyway, there have been times in the last year that I have wanted to write, but I just couldn’t make myself pull back from Facebook. In fact, I might still find myself writing a bit more on Facebook than I have in the past, since a friend of mine asked me to become an administrator of a page called the Red Dog Gulch Gazette, which is a newsletter for people who grew up in my old home town of Redwood Falls, MN. I told him I would, and he made me officially an editor of the page. But it’s too early yet to know how much I will be writing there.

But as for the Sundry Times, I have a post in the works that I hope to publish here in the next couple days. It’s not about Bible translations this time, it’s more of a theology / philosophy post. I see by my blog stats that most people who come here are looking for Bible translation posts, so I will probably continue to do that. But I need to write some stuff, stuff for me. And if you read it and enjoy it, I will be very pleased.

Happy New Year to ALL my readers!